Jameszoo: Naive computer jazz for millennials


Working with jazz legends. Building a chicken coop in your house. Signing to Flying Lotus’ record label Brainfeeder with your LP. All in a day’s work for Jameszoo. Let’s see on April 24th in MeetFactory what this guy is up to.


Jameszoo is a music producer from Netherlands who describes his music as “naive computer jazz” – and we add “for millenials”. A little out of spite because Jameszoo hates labelling – he likes to leave as much judgement to the listener as possible.


His Fool LP variegated by 25 amazing musicians


His first LP Fool was released under Flying Lotus’ record label Brainfeeder. He is ultimately the conductor and arranger who doesn’t follow any direct rules. Fool is a hectic, disorganized mess that finds cohesion and unity within its inherent entropy. We guarantee you have never heard anything like that before.


“There’s this stigma around jazz,” says Jameszoo, “which is that it’s intellectual music or intelligent music, and it’s easy to chip in that stigma and say ‘You’re doing jazz’.” We say, things would not work without evolution.


The album is a concertina book of over 25 studio sessions with excellent and legendary musicians. Two of his idols, Arthur Verocai and Steve Kuhn, who was once a member of the John Coltrane Quartet, both make it onto the album. Alongside Verocai, Dafé, and Kuhn, the album features a stellar cast of classical and jazz musicians including pianist Niels Broos, drummers Julian Sartorius and Richard Spaven, bass guitarists Raphael Vanoli and Stephen Bruner (aka Thundercat), and saxophonist John Dikeman.


Interview with a rooster


For one of his interview, Jameszoo and his friends came up with quite a monkey business. Or rather a rooster business. They first thought they would get a goat in Jameszoo’s place, but he was afraid it would trash his apartment completely. So they opted for a rooster. He got one from a random farmer guy and they built a nice little chicken coop. The journalist totally fell for it. And that’s Jameszoo in a nutshell – music visionary and a rooster man.


Electronics: Mitchel Van Dinther/Jameszoo
Keys: Niels Broos
Drums: Richard Spaven
Bass: Frans Petter Eldh


Support #1: Android Asteroid
Support #2: Johannes Benz


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