Verworner-Krause-Kammerochester (VKKO){DE}

Verworner-Krause-Kammerochester (VKKO)DE

So 21. 04.


Now try to read this out loud: Verworner-Krause-Kammerochester. Eh?

Not easy, right? So when you tell your friends that you are going to see Verworner-Krause-Kammerochester, rather say VKKO. Or tell them straight away that it’s jazzy techno. Nichts zu danken!


VKKO are a fantastisch German 18-piece orchestra, playing live jazzy techno with touches of contemporary classical music. Led by two composers from the Conservatory in Munich, they have a very distinctive sound, unforgettable dance sets and a spectacular live performance. Interessant, oder?


They are, of course, frequent performers of leading German techno clubs. Forget Cukr and Ankali for once, this is going to be a completely different ride. And if you suffer from epilepsy, you’d rather not look at their striking and absorbing visuals.


Prick up your ears and eyes in Futurum on Saturday, April 21!



21.00 Mr. Ultrafino
22.15 Tom Holič & Live Band
23.45 VKKO
01.30 Windowlickerz (Oliver Torr + HRTL)
02.30 Aid Kid DJ set
VKKO – 21.04.2018 / Saturday 9:00 p.m. – Prague, Futurum




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