Jazzfruit 2018 Young Talent Contest Knows the Winners: D.A.S. Trio (HU), Silva Šírová Sextet (CZ)

Jazzfruit 2018 Young Talent Contest Knows the Winners: D.A.S. Trio (HU), Silva Šírová Sextet (CZ)


The ninth year of Jazzfruit Contest for young talented musicians was held as part of the Mladí ladí jazz Festival. At the finale at the sold-out Jazz Dock Club on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, winners were announced in two categories – Czech and International. The winner of the Czech category is Silva Šírová Sextet (CZ), while the International category was dominated by a young band from Budapest, D.A.S. Trio. The third finalist and also the winner of an audience prize is Tibor Feledi Quintet (SK). The winners received a golden pineapple as well as, for example, an album recording voucher to the Svárov Studio, a € 1,000 voucher for the purchase of music equipment in the store kytary.cz or Novation and Levitt brand music equipment. The icing on the cake was the performance of the jazz-rock’n’roll formation The Rad Trads, which made the entire Jazz Dock dance.


Jazzfruit 2018 International Category: D.A.S. Trio (HU)


D.A.S. Trio voted by the expert jury as the most interesting performers of the International category plays instrumental jazz and rock fusion. The band was set up in 2014 and in only a few years they managed to excel in several international music contests. As the winner of the International category, they received a golden pineapple and a € 1,000 purchase voucher to the store kytary.cz.


Jazzfruit 2018 Czech Category: Silva Šírová Sextet (CZ)


A jazz sextet compiled from the graduates and students of the High School of Music at the J. Ježek Conservatory at the initiative of the saxophonist Silva Šírová. Their compositions are genuinely versatile (from Latin music and ballads to drum’n’ bass), but interconnected by an emphasis on melodic and harmonious consistency. Their original production is then complemented by selected compositions of world-known jazzmen (Tom Harrell, Bobby Watson). As the winner of the Czech category, the quintet won a golden pineapple and recording hours in the prestigious jazz recording studio Svárov. Since they took a third place in the International category, they received a Lewitt microphone.


Audience Prize: Tibor Feledi Quintet (SK)


Tibor Feledi Quintet (SK) placed second in the International category and became the winner of the audience prize. The quintet consists of young, creative musicians from Slovakia with growing international reputation not only in jazz music. Their original production is inspired by traditional Slovak children’s folk songs and interconnects with contemporary jazz, elements of classical music, electronics and free improvisation. For being placed second in the International category, the band received a Novation synthesizer.

Jazzfruit 2018 Expert Jury: Václav Vraný (Český rozhlas Vltava), Vilém Spilka (JazzFest Brno), Zdeněk Bína (-123minut) and Petr Wajsar (Skety, Hi-fi), Jan Gregar (Mladí ladí jazz).


The Jazzfruit Contest has a nine-year tradition with an impressive array of previous years´ winners , including Igor Ochepovsky, Ľubomír Gašpar Cimbal Project (SK), Weezdob Collective (PL), Fanfán Tulipán, Quattro Formaggi, Wunder Bar Band, Tres Quatros Quintet or Ostrich Quartet. “Compared to other contests, Jazzfruit is unique particularly in the freedom we give to both bands and projects – it is not necessary to come up with an interpretation of specific tracks or specific styles, nor do we specify requirements for instrument composition or showcasing exclusively their original production, even though it is a benefit. We do not set boundaries; in terms of perceiving jazz, we rather want to break them,” explains Jan Gregar on behalf of the festival organization team.


More information at www.mladiladijazz.cz.

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