Nicola Guida (IT) wins the international Jazzfruit competition

Nicola Guida (IT) wins the international Jazzfruit competition

Nicola Guida (IT) and his trio have delivered a convincing triumph at the international Jazzfruit competition, which took place during the Mladí ladí jazz Open Air and international jazz day celebrations at the Charles Square in Prague on April 30th, 2019.

International category:

  1. Place – Nicola Guida Trio – grand prize: €1,000
  2. Place – Molotow Moloch Quartet
  3. Place – B/Y Organism

The international category jury:

Czech category:

  1. Place – 2in2out – grand prize: 3-track recording session a promo video shoot at Studio Svárov
  2. Place – Echoes Quartet
  3. Place – Blue Apple

The Czech category jury:

Public voting winner: Molotow Moloch Quartet
Soloist of the Year: Klára Pudláková (Molotow Moloch Quartet, 2in2out)



2nd and 3rd place prizes were kindly provided by Sony Music.

We would like to thank Strunal Schönbach for providing the left-hand double bass.


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