OPEN AIR at Karlovo náměstí to star nu-jazz legend Jaga Jazzist

OPEN AIR at Karlovo náměstí to star nu-jazz legend Jaga Jazzist

Jazz is freedom! The grandiose OPEN AIR celebration of the International Jazz Day will spread jazzy vibes throughout the entire Karlovo náměstí on April 30. The main star of the final show of Mladí ladí jazz festival, Norwegian nu-jazz magicians known as Jaga Jazzist, are among the absolute best. Another attention-worthy performer is the atypical trio from New York’s Brooklyn called Moon Hooch consisting of two saxophone players and a drummer, whose phenomenal NPR Tiny Desk Concerts performance has more than 3 million views and whose fans include the eternal rebel Iggy Pop. The line-up also features the Czech classic called minus123minut and the swing-jazz orchestra HarmCore Jazz Band!


🕝 14:30 >> Start
🕒 14:55 >> HarmCore Jazz Band
🕓 16:05 >> Emil Viklický Trio
🕔 17:15 >> minus123minut
🕡 18:30 >> Moon Hooch
🕢 19:35 >> Jaga Jazzist
🕤 21:30 >> Mladí ladí after party


The nu-jazz legend Jaga Jazzist


A novel approach to composition, unique handling of sound, and an unconventional combination of jazz, electronic music, and even post-rock, along with their enormous enthusiasm on stage is what turned them into perhaps the most influential Norwegian band of the last two decades.



The lunatics known as Moon Hooch, a favourite of Iggy Pop’s


“I’m telling you, these guys are cool!” said Iggy Pop. And according to the Guardian, their style could be described as virtuosic jazz or acoustic techno. Your call. Their legendary NPR Tiny Desk Concerts performance has rightly been viewed more than 3 million times – one of the two saxophone players has a huge traffic cone attached to his instrument.



The phenomenal minus123minut


The reborn Czech band known as minus123minut will offer a unique melting pot of genres with a touch of both rock and blues. Their main power lies in the lively, energetic, and largely improvised performance their concerts are known for.



Emil Viklický Trio


You could write an entire book about the music icon that is jazz pianist Emil Viklický. His latest endeavour includes his own take on songs written by Jiří Suchý and Jiří Šlitr – and to say that his debut in the world of cover versions is magnificent would be an understatement. You can look forward to his world-famous trio at the Open Air concert.


Swing-jazz orchestra HarmCore Jazz Band


Swing classics revived by the Prague orchestra HarmCore Jazz Band and their youthful energy.


Jazzfruit contest finale


The winners of the Jazzfruit contest, aimed at up-and-coming Czech and foreign artists, will also have the opportunity to introduce themselves.


🕝 14:30 >> 2IN2OUT (CZ)
🕞 15:40 >> B/Y ORGANISM (CZ)
🕔 16:50 >> NICOLA GUIDA (IT)
🕕 18.05 >> FREESE TRIO (UK)




The OPEN AIR concert at Karlovo náměstí is free of charge and will be broadcast live by Czech Radio Vltava.

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