David Hellbock Trio (AT)

David Hellbock Trio (AT)


David Helbock Trio


Taking a short break from Prague boulevards, the Austrian piano prodigy is returning to the crime scene of the Mladi Ladi Jazz Festival. David Helbock has been collecting prizes and awards from all around Austria and abroad, including one from the biggest jazz-piano-solo competition of the Montreaux Jazz Festival. In Prague he is about to perform his all fresh and exclusive project, Into the Mystic album, which David recorded in August together with drummer Reinhold Schmölzer and – rather uniquely – a bass ukulele player Raphael Preuschl.

You need not go too far to understand what the new album is about. Helbock’s energetic and catchy compositions and improvisations draw their inspiration from a dreamy world of myths. As David Helbock conceded, Star Wars musical themes and melody motives by John Williams were at the forefront of his inspiration. Sensitively mixed patterns of classical music and jazzy grooves is an inviting sure bet to experience a unique dramatic and sensual performance.  


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