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So 06. 04.

Jazz Dock

Edi Nulz: Jazz is not dead


Are these guys playing rocky-tinged jazz, or is it the other way around? Who knows, but what we know for sure is that Edi Nulz is a definite must-see! It is nothing but a pure anarchy. Edi Nulz is a jazz trio with no bassist. Edi Nulz is a rock band with no lead singer. Come to Jazz Dock on April 16th and see for yourselves.


One thing is more than obvious: you never know what to expect from this Austrian musical alloy of audio drama, grandiose grotesque and gleeful nonsense. Every each one of their concerts is like a cold buffet with a common degustation of pure madness. Come with your stomach empty but sufficiently hydrated.


But the chicks said that jazz is elsewhere. But the chicks said: Oh my, that’s mad. But the chicks shouted: Edi Nulz!


Support: Molotow Moloch Quartet


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