International Jazz Day with Czech Radio: Miroslav Vitouš Trio + Czech Radio Big Band + Jazz Fruit winner

International Jazz Day with Czech Radio: Miroslav Vitouš Trio + Czech Radio Big Band + Jazz Fruit winner


The Mladí Ladí Jazz 2017 closing ceremony will take place on the International Jazz Day and at that occasion festival’s organizers prepared in cooperation with the Czech Radio Vltava a unique event. At 6pm a gig by this year’s winner of the Jazz Fruit competition for young jazz collectives is going to kick off the music night. Miroslav Vitouš Trio introducing leading Czechoslovakian jazz stars whose names resonate around the world will be the headliner of the concert. Eventually, the great Gustav Brom Czech Radio Big Band that was ranked among the top 10 big bands in the world will wrap up the amazing event.



Miroslav Vitouš Trio

A Grammy Award winner, a New York-based saxophonist, a piano ace. That is in short the crew of a new project put together by the legendary bassist Miroslav Vitouš, which focuses on an improvised trialogue with a Czech saxophonist Karel Růžička jr. and a Slovakian pianist Liboš Šrámek. Miroslav Vitouš is a founding member of the prominent jazzrock band Weather Report where he played together with a keybordist Joe Zawinul and a saxophonist Wayne Shorter. He received his Grammy Award upon his cooperation with Chick Corea. Miroslav Vitouš’s records, released by the renowned ECM label, featured music stars such as Jan Garbarek, John McLaughlin or Jack DeJohnette.

The whole trio will come together no sooner than one day before the concert. Consequently, for a major part of the concert, instead of a plain sheet music reproduction, spontaneous music dialogues and trialogues and music atmosphere harmonization can be expected. All the more interesting the jazzy discourse will be thanks to an electronic sound of Miroslav Vitouš’s bass. The gig is going to be such a musical uniqueness that the Czech Radio will broadcast the concert live abroad.


Gustav Brom Czech Radio Big Band

A big band from among TOP 10 in the world! Led by Vlado Valovič, the Gustav Brom Czech Radio Big Band has brought an ingenious composition and a resourceful spontaneity of jazz improvisation beyond excellence. Not only it became the most acclaimed bigband orchestra in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but the American magazine Down Beat ranked it among 10 best big bands in the world. Gustav Brom Big Band’s concerts featured jazz and pop celebrities including Maynard Ferguson, Dizzy Gillespie, Diana Ross & the Supremes, Ray Charles, Liza Minnelli or James Morrison.

In 2013, the Gustav Brom Big Band became a residential ensemble of the Czech Radio. The cooperation between the public broadcasting station and the big band seeks to look for new talents, collaborate with leading soloist as well as composers and support contemporary production that intertwines jazz with other music styles. Studio and concert projects with Prague Radio Symphonic Orchestra, the well known performance of the big band with the Blue Effect band at the Rock for People and their partaking in many more festivals speaks of more than just an amazing range of its musical engagement.


ADMISSION AT THE DOOR (UNDER 26 Y.O. / ABOVE 26 Y.O.): 200,- KČ / 300,- KČ

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