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Alfa Mist: Jazz transcendence with elements of hip-hop


On April 16th, Alfa Mist will show you live why he’s one of the most exciting jazz artists around right now. This über-talented multi-genre instrumentalist once started out as a hip-hop and grime producer. Do not miss his jazz transcendence with elements of hip-hop and come to Palác Akropolis.


Alfa Mist started out as a grime and hip-hop producer, but became drawn to jazz, world music and film soundtracks through sampling. Over time, the self-taught pianist and sometimes rapper’s disparate influences have contributed to a unique sound that blends melancholic jazz harmony with alternative hip-hop and soul.


Antiphon would sound different if it rained less in London


“I’m pretty dark as a person I guess, so everything ends up sounding melancholy and reflective,” says Mist. “I want to make people feel something.” He also reckons the Antiphon EP would sound different if it rained less in London.


The entire Antiphon EP was created based on podcast Alfa Mist recorded with his brothers. They discussed mental health and relationships or spoke about what it means to be part of a family.


He looks up to Robert Glasper, Avishai Cohen and Herbie Hancock. The Antiphon EP is a product of Alfa Mist’s collaboration with leading British jazzmen similarly open up to other influences as himself. He performs live with them as well.


Take a deep breath, ‘cause Alfa Mist won’t let you breathe that easily!


A perfect day? Coffee and muffins included!


Alfa Mist has a clear idea of his perfect day: getting muffins and coffee, coming back home, writing music and reading manga or playing PlayStation. Well done, pal!


Support #1: Antonín Dlapa & JeN Hovorka
Support #2: Tom Holič


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