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Andreya Triana will open the 10th annual Mladí ladí jazz festival


Andreya Triana, the phenomenal London singer and songwriter, will open the 10th annual Mladí ladí jazz festival. After 6 years, Andreya is coming back to Prague to introduce some of the brand new tracks from her 3rd album Life In Colour. The show will take place in the Archa Theatre on Saturday, March 30!


Andreya Triana is coming back to Prague to introduce the brand new tracks from the album Life In Colour, coming out on May, 2019. The first taster of that sweet release was teased with lead single Woman – a soulful pop anthem of self-love.


She has sold out her four most recent London shows. Multiple collaborations with likes of Bonobo, Thundercat and Flying Lotus already got her a lot of devoted fans here in the Czech Republic too.


Life In Colour is an album for those who love living


“It’s taken a long time for me to feel good about myself,” says Andreya Triana of the journey to her third album. “As a musician, as a woman, it’s difficult getting to that space. It’s really wonderful where you reach that time of having more good days than bad.”


That sense of celebration is what drives Life In Colour, Andreya’s most confident, instinctive and heartfelt work to date; a record that celebrates love, freedom, independence and womanhood.



19:00 – doors

20:00 – Klara & The Pop

21:20 – Andreya Triana

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