PanzerBallett (DE) + Modern Day Babylon (CZ)

PanzerBallett (DE) + Modern Day Babylon (CZ)


This crazy eclectic instrumental band renowned for its eccentric originality and unexpected innovativeness will perform for the first time ever in the Czech Republic. It is possible to trace the inspiration of Panzerballett’s music in a combination of funk, metal, jazz and progressive rock. Such unprecedented fusion of various styles makes the band so distinctive and extraordinary. Although it might leave the audience wondering what is it that Panzerballett actually performs. To quote frontman of the band, Jan Zehrfeld, the music combines “latin-jazz with grindcore, hard-bop with death metal, or disco-funk with hardcore.” You need a hint? It is in their name – the music is thick and dense as an armour (i.e. Panzer) yet complex and sophisticated as ballet.

Panzerballett’s first album was released in 2006 and by now their discography stopped on the number seven. The most recent Breaking Brain was recorded in 2015. During the ten years of existence Panzerballett toured with concerts and around festivals in countries like Armenia, USA or Germany. Mladi Ladi Jazz has the honour to make the Czech Republic another country to host their unorthodox and insane music frenzy, now for the very first time.


Modern Day Babylon

No one could compete Modern Day Babylon on the turf of its genre. Had it only had a genre. A progressive metal or djent? A music that could tear down the walls of Tutankhamuns palace is demolishing instead myths of a monotonous guitar music and barricades that are erected between different genres. The instrumental trio excels mainly thanks to its frontman-demiurge, who produces, plays, records, makes arrangements and mixes majority of their music. When a bass and drums come to help on the stage, even a tender melody becomes a mental frenzy.

Modern Day Babylon was formed in 2010 initially as a one-man project of Tomáš Raclavský, who was joined by a bass player and a drummer a short while later. In 2011 Modern Day Babylon received a Britva Award –  an expert survey on Czech rock, metal, punk and hardcore music – for the best new-appearance and for the mini-album of the year. Since then, the band was chosen for a cooperation by an American band Periphery or they performed together with a British singer Max Curnow.


ADMISSION AT THE DOOR (UNDER 26 Y.O. / ABOVE 26 Y.O.): 300,- KČ / 450,- KČ


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