Workshop for kids in Brno

Workshop for kids in Brno


As part of his tour in the Czech Republic this year, a young and promising jazz artist and composer who has decided to devote his time to the expansion of music among children will make a stop in Brno to teach children through the way they enjoy – workshop with interactive story…

Mladí Ladí Jazz does not forget the children and offers them this year a unique experience through workshop with Oran Etkin. Oran Etkin is a young jazz artist and composer who has been awarded the prestigious Grammy award for his work so far. Outside the concert halls he feels like home also surrounded by a group of children, teaching them beauty of music through his own teaching method called Timbalooloo.

Timbalooloo method tries to show children that music is not just boring music notes, but also beautiful and magical world full of emotions which they can becom a part of. It shows them so on the workshop by animation of musical instruments that starts to speak on children through tones and emotions. At the same time, children learn ability, which is very important fo life – focus on the particular moment, understand what is happening and find something positive in that moment. Timbalooloo is a teaching method which has managed to expand by instructors trained by Oran Etkin himself, to cities such as New York, Tokyo, Paris or Los Angeles, where more than 1,000 kids aged up to 10 years were teached by this method.

Now You have the possibility to experience this enjoyment with Your kids and see on Your own eyes the amount of sparkling eyes and smiles which will be surely huge.

The workshop is conducted in English but Czech translation is assured. You don’t have to worry if Your child does not have the knowledge of music theory or playing any musical instruments because neither is necessary. The workshop is primarily intended for children from 6 up to 10 years but even younger children can participate eventough majority of kids will be in the mentioned age range.


Oran Etkin Official Site

Timbalooloo Method Official Site

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