Yarah Bravo{DE}

Yarah BravoDE

Čt 25. 04.

Jazz Dock

Support: Hard to Frame


In a time where music had evolved to exist largely as a monster money-making machine and a shallow showcase for stripped-off sex-kittens, there stood a young lady willing to show the world it is all about the heart. Not only cardiologists thus need to come to Jazz Dock on the twentieth-fifth for a medical check up. The one whose heart does not jump up with joy does not have any.


Yarah Bravo doesn’t want to churn out meaningless messages and she knows that it would just be too boring swimming in the mainstream. So she’s created her own flow of rap and poetry for the world to know. When she takes to the stage, she performs with such a sense of heartfelt urgency, conviction, and youthful energy, she captivates even the most listless crowd.


Sweden -> NYC -> London -> Berlin


Growing up in Sweden as a child of Chilean and Brazilian freedom fighters, once Yarah Bravo was old enough to travel she left for NYC, then London and now Berlin. She has become a real Renaissance woman with more than 4 languages under her belt. She was also a significant third of the One Self project signed to the cult record label Ninja Tune.


Her last EP Love is The Movement was recorded in Vienna. And as BBC once published, “on her lips a shopping list would sound profound and moving.”


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